A History of Optical Evolution

The Applied Optics Center (AOC) is a world-class designer and manufacturer of precision optical assemblies that utilize our extensive thin-film coating expertise. For over 50 years, our state-of-the-art facility in Dallas, TX has produced a wide range of commercial and military optical coatings and precision assembled products. We have a variety of unique and proprietary processes that set us apart in the industry, from custom high-layer-count coatings for laser protection to integrated design and manufacturing of world-class optical systems.

Our Enabling Technology: Thin-Film Design

The foundation of AOC’s successful history is our long-standing expertise in thin-film coating technology, from the deep ultraviolet to the far infrared portions of the light spectrum. Our world-class coating capability allows us to design and manufacture coatings and optical components for custom, application-specific high-volume production as well as smaller custom volumes and prototypes.

Innovation from Start to Finish

We’re proud to be the largest manufacturer of laser protection filters and sighting systems for the U.S. Army. But we never rest, and will continue to evolve our processes and skills to meet tomorrow's challenges. Our experienced Applications Engineering Team has the know-how and tools to help you realize your optical design, and translate it into production. Whether you need low-volume, precision optical assemblies or high-volume, custom-coated optics, we have what it takes to help you accomplish your mission. From start to finish, we're the best choice to provide custom-made, high-quality optical solutions.