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Mon, Sep 18, 2017

Optex turns 30! (Sept 2017)

Optex Turns 30!

2017 marks our 30th year in supporting the United States Department of Defense and, more specifically, the warfighter who uses our equipment.  Optex began by assembling PVS4 Objective Lenses for the 2nd Generation 25mm Night Vision Weapon Sight.  These Weapon Sights provided our troops huge tactical advantages and were successfully deployed for over 25 years, beginning with heavy use in the Gulf War.

Assembling these types of lenses sounds like a fairly easy process, until you delve into the details of the final assembly.  Are the lenses manufactured using the correct material?  Were the lenses cleaned sufficiently prior to coating? Was the coating process correct for the specified wavelengths and optical transmission? Singlets, Doublets, Convex, Concave? Glass and metal interfaces correct? Etc. etc.  All of these parameters must be correct for the final “assembly” to meet the operational specifications. This is where the core competencies of Optex come together for the benefit of the customer.

Our original seven employees were focused on Quality, Reliability, and Value.  These themes remain embedded in Optex’s culture today as each and every work order is started in our factory.  Many companies use the terms Quality and Reliability almost interchangeably in today’s environment, but here at Optex, Quality is defined by meeting or exceeding the performance on Day 1,whereas Reliability is defined by the product’s ability to continue to exceed the performance requirements over the designed life of the product.  In other words, Quality will get us paid for the first order, but Reliability wins us the follow on orders and long term customer relationships……and that is our ultimate Objective.


Danny Schoening

Optex CEO/Chairman