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Thu, Nov 09, 2017

Road Show 2017 (Nov 2017)

Road Show 2017

I recently completed the last of our 2017 non-deal roadshow presentations to existing shareholders and to potentially new investors who are interested in learning more about Optex.  After seeing over 100 investors/brokers in cities such as New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, and San Francisco I’m happy to report that the “Optex Story” is gaining traction and the information exchange during these meetings is extremely helpful to Optex going forward.  We view investors as teammates and having the ability to debate strategy and execution with teammates enables a free flow of information which drives the best ideas to the forefront.

During these meetings, the subjects range from questions around the new Trump Administration to the use of UAVs vs. Armored Vehicles.  And given that there is almost always veterans in the meetings, their opinions and comments elevate everyone’s knowledge base on why certain tactics are used in one location compared to the use of different assets/tactics in another location.  The US DOD has many levers to pull and Optex is proud to be ready when our lever is chosen.

Some of these investors have been with us for several years, so I always ask them to review the presentations from 12-24 months ago and to use that as a foundation for asking us whether or not we are staying on point.  The feedback has been positive and we continue to communicate increased revenue, increased gross margins, and increased income.  We now have an extremely clean and easy to follow Capitalization Table, we’ve streamlined the Board of Directors, and we continue to generate cash while having no long term debt.  We just paid out the second of four quarters of dividends on both the stock and the warrants, so existing shareholders and warrant holders are extremely happy with this program.  Given all of this, we are pleased with our current structure and strategy and we all look forward to 2018 to continue to execute on this plan.


Danny Schoening