At the heart of AOC’s capabilities are its thin-film coating chambers, which are some of the largest and most sophisticated chambers available in the industry today. Volumetrically, these chambers are eight times the size of most common chambers and give the AOC a competitive advantage in coating high-volume custom optics where “slice and dice” is not an option. But the size and capabilites of these chambers also allow us to coat very large high-value optics (up to 24 inches in diameter) with a variety of sophisticated coatings.
AOC’s experience in producing laser protection coatings for the U.S. Army is unsurpassed. Custom multi-layer dielectric coatings are designed and optimized for production suitability. As the largest manufacturers of laser protection filters for the U.S. military, we routinely manufacture multiple-cavity designs containing 250+ discrete layers.

We are proud of the contributions made by our highly skilled technicians and master opticians. The ability to manufacture precision optics requires attention to the smallest detail from everyone at each step in the process. Our people take ownership of their work at all levels.

Throughout The AOC’s 50+ year history, we have constantly evolved and added new processes to serve our Customers demanding requirements.

Today, in addition to our thin-film coating design and production capabilities, we have the ability to design, manufacture, assemble and test virtually any optical subsystem that are available.

Our varied core capabilities are including:

  • Narrow bandpass filters
  • Laser protection filters (notch and broadband)
  • A/R coatings from the UV to the far IR spectral region (internal and durable exterior)
  • Visual and IR beamslitters
  • EMI protection (including patterns)
  • Resistive patterns for defrost applications
  • Laser cavity coatings
  • Night vision compatible filters
  • Full visual to IR optical fabrication, assembly and metrology capability